Top Quality Solar Power System

Poly/Mono solar panel 350W

MPPT Controller-Inverter

AMG or LifePo4 Batteries, 3 Days of energy backup

Solar Panel Rack


Application: Household, School, Farmhouse, Factory, Warehouse, Island, Plateau, Off-Grid Living

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  1. One personal assembly& installation would allow you to develop Local Assembly and installation as well.

We test that the total assembly time would just be about 5 to 10mins of each light.

This module design also will Save Your Stocking Cost.

And this allows us to ship separately to you which gonna achieve tax decrease much.

2. We get Reserved Location that allows you to assemble Photocell/Motion Sensor/Smart Control to adapt almost all your smart controlling ideas.

3. We got high range of power output(60-500W) and high lumen range of 10000-70000lm and 4 types of LED module design (T2\T2\T3\T4).

And ETL&DLC certificates ready.


4. High quality standard materials & components been used in our area lights.

1>LUMILEDS5050 led modules

2>Aluminum die casting housing with corrosion resistant polyester finish (PS: customized colors are available)

Below is our new design EV charger for both EU and US version.

I am confident that it’s quality function and price would help you with your market expansion I believe.

  1. We have high power range both in US version and EU version to adapt each electronic environment.

 7-11.5 kw for US version

     7-22 kw for EU version and 3 phase power available.

2. In electronic/function side we follow OCPP 1.6J and wireless control such as Lan \4G\ wifi.

This allows us to use APP to control the charging. 4.3 inch LCD to show the charging status of the charger.

Also we get RCD Type A (30mA AC) DC 6mA of the current protection for EU version and CCID20 for US version.

3. For Structure and materials side. We use top quality PC for the housing with V0 fire resistance.

The impact standard could reach IK08 (we can do IK10 without the screen) and IP65 waterproof standard.

You can customize the color and printing details (logo stuff) if you need.

We promise a 3 year warranty for the whole module except the cable since it decided by the times that you use it (for cable we promise 10k times use age).

Hope this would create a chance for us to cooperate and help with your business expansion.

Any question please let me know.

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